Download the "Design Your Value Proposition" Guide

A value proposition is a clear and concise statement that communicates what sets your product or service apart from the competition and how it addresses the needs or pain points of your target audience.

Crafting a compelling value proposition is a critical step in developing a successful business and brand strategy.

With this guide, you will...

  • Understand the most important challenges your customers face.
  • Learn why the specialist always wins.
  • Decide where and how you will create value.
  • Learn how to use The Customer Value Map.
  • Design The Value Proposition of your business with a handy template.
  • Learn what makes a great value proposition + some specific examples

April 24, 2023
3:28am TZ

About Me

Experience has taught me that you can spend as much as you want on marketing, but if you've got the wrong product, a brand that's off, a dysfunctional business model, or you're targeting the wrong customers, you're wasting your money.

I know how to identify the problems that are crippling your business strategy, and how to fix them to make your marketing more effective.

In my 13 years in business, I've built two international brands from the ground up (both turning over multiple millions in revenue every year), am busy building my third, and have successfully managed dozens of new products and brands for others.

I'm now on a mission to use my experience to help other founders and CEOs build businesses that stand out, with brands that make people buzz with excitement - the kind that your customers can't stop talking about!


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